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The Wire Schauspieler

The Wire 1x01 Das Ziel (The Target) Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode The Wire 1x «The Target». Während des Schauspieler in der Episode The Wire 1x01​. The Wire - Darsteller. 0. Foto: Der Großteil des wohl umfangreichsten Casts einer Dramaserie in der TV-Geschichte war vor dem Einstieg in die Serie unbekannt. Fans können den interessanten Darsteller auch in der erst kürzlich gestarteten Serien „Gotham“ sehen und auch mit Dominic West traf er für die.

The Wire - Cast & Crew

The Wire Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Dominic West, Michael Kenneth Williams, Idris Elba u.v.m. The Wire 1x01 Das Ziel (The Target) Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode The Wire 1x «The Target». Während des Schauspieler in der Episode The Wire 1x01​. "The Wire" ist eine amerikanische Fernsehserie, die von 20von Blow Deadline Productions in Baltimore produziert wurde. Die Serie >> MEHR.

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The Wire Schauspieler Amanda Reese. Oddset De Film Superzahl Gewinnabgerufen am 6. Jamie Hector. Retrieved December 2, Ebenso wie Clark Peters war der in Washington D. April 23, Okey Online Spielen Simon chose to set Faber Lotto Service show in Baltimore because of his familiarity with the city. Tim Webster. Obwohl auch mehrere Handlanger der Barksdales tot oder inhaftiert sind, läuft der Drogenhandel unter Avons Stellvertreter Stringer Bell weiter, während die erfolgreiche Sonderkommission aufgelöst und ihre aufsässigsten Mitglieder, wie McNulty und Cedric Daniels, strafversetzt werden. Einer der besten. My favorite actors. Retrieved March 17, Lester Freamon 19 Fans. Glynn Turman. Melvin "Cheese" Wagstaff. Olugbenga Enitan Temitope "Gbenga" Akinnagbe / ˈbɛŋɡə əˈkiːnəbeɪ / BENG-gə ə-KEEN-ə-bay is an American actor and writer, best known for his roles as Chris Partlow on the HBO series The Wire and as Larry Brown on the HBO series The Deuce. He is best known for portraying Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish in the HBO series Game of Thrones (), CIA operative Bill Wilson in The Dark Knight Rises (), Stuart Alan Jones in the Channel 4 series Queer as Folk (), John Boy in the RTÉ Television series Love/Hate (), and Tommy Carcetti in the HBO See full bio». Hyatt had a recurring role on the first four seasons of the HBO series The Wire as Brianna Barksdale. She starred in Spike TV's The Kill Point as SWAT team commander Connie Reubens. She has guest starred on both Aaron Sorkin 's The West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von The Wire: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. The Wire Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Dominic West, Michael Kenneth Williams, Idris Elba u.v.m.
The Wire Schauspieler Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von The Wire: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Der am 8. Dezember in New Orleans geborene Schauspieler ist bereits seit mehr als 20 Jahren in den unterschiedlichsten Fernsehrollen zu sehen, hat sich hierbei aber meist auf kleine Nebenrollen beschränkt. Insbesondere zu seiner Anfangszeit als Darsteller wurde er . Idris Elba. An only child, Idrissa Akuna Elba was born and raised in London, England. His father, Winston, is from Sierra Leone and worked at Ford Dagenham; his mother, Eve, is from Ghana and had a clerical duty. Idris attended school in Canning Town, where he first became involved in Occupation: Actor, Producer, Writer.

Self - Guest. Self uncredited. Blige Clair Mark De Mori Self voice, uncredited. Show all 32 episodes. Self - Interviewee. Self - No Good Deed.

Self - Unicef Imagine Campaign. Self - Presenter. Jordan Self - Narrator. Show all 9 episodes. Namond is taken in by Colvin, who recognized the good in him.

The major crimes unit from earlier seasons is largely reunited, and they resume their investigation of Marlo Stanfield. The fifth season focuses on the media and media consumption.

John Carroll of The Baltimore Sun was the model for the "craven, prize hungry" editor of the fictional newspaper. Fifteen months after the fourth season concludes, Mayor Carcetti 's cuts in the police budget to redress the education deficit force the Marlo Stanfield investigation to shut down.

Cedric Daniels secures a detail to focus on the prosecution of Senator Davis for corruption. Detective McNulty returns to the Homicide unit and decides to divert resources back to the Police Department by faking evidence to make it appear that a serial killer is murdering homeless men.

The Baltimore Sun also faces budget cuts and the newsroom struggles to adequately cover the city, omitting many important stories.

Commissioner Burrell continues to falsify crime statistics and is fired by Carcetti, who positions Daniels to replace him. Marlo Stanfield lures his enemy Omar Little out of retirement by having Omar's mentor Butchie murdered.

Proposition Joe teaches Stanfield how to launder money and evade investigation. Michael Lee continues working as a Stanfield enforcer, providing a home for his friend Dukie and younger brother Bug.

Omar returns to Baltimore seeking revenge, targeting Stanfield's organization, stealing and destroying money and drugs and killing Stanfield enforcers in an attempt to force Stanfield into the open.

However, he is eventually shot and killed by Kenard , a young Stanfield dealer. Baltimore Sun reporter Scott Templeton claims to have been contacted by McNulty's fake serial killer.

City Editor Gus Haynes becomes suspicious, but his superiors are enamored of Templeton. McNulty backs up Templeton's claim in order to further legitimize his fabricated serial killer.

The story gains momentum and Carcetti spins the resulting attention on homelessness into a key issue in his imminent campaign for Governor and restores funding to the Police Department.

Bubbles is recovering from his drug addiction while living in his sister's basement. He is befriended by Sun reporter Mike Fletcher , who eventually writes a profile of Bubbles.

Instead, Freamon helps McNulty perpetuate the lie and uses resources earmarked for the case to fund an illegal wiretap on Stanfield.

Bunk resumes working the vacant house murders, leading to a murder warrant against Partlow for killing Michael's stepfather. Freamon and Leander Sydnor gather enough evidence to arrest Stanfield and most of his top lieutenants, seizing a large quantity of drugs.

Stanfield suspects that Michael is an informant, and orders him killed. Michael realizes he is being set up and kills Snoop instead. A wanted man, he leaves Bug with an aunt and begins a career as a stick-up man.

With his support system gone, Dukie lives with drug addicts. McNulty tells Kima Greggs about his fabrications to prevent her wasting time on the case.

Greggs tells Daniels, who, along with Rhonda Pearlman , takes this news to Carcetti, who orders a cover-up because of the issue's importance to his campaign.

Davis is acquitted, but Freamon uses the threat of federal prosecution to blackmail him for information.

Davis reveals Maurice Levy has a mole in the courthouse from whom he illegally purchases copies of sealed indictments.

Herc tells Levy that the Stanfield case was probably based on an illegal wiretap, something which would jeopardize the entire case.

After Levy reveals this to Pearlman, she uses Levy's espionage to blackmail him into agreeing to a plea bargain for his defendants.

Levy ensures Stanfield's release on the condition that he permanently retires, while his subordinates will have to accept long sentences.

Stanfield sells the connection to The Greeks back to the Co-Op and plans to become a businessman, although he appears unable or unwilling to stay off the corner.

As the cover-up begins, a copy-cat killing occurs, but McNulty quickly identifies and arrests the culprit. Pearlman tells McNulty and Freamon that they can no longer be allowed to do investigative work and warns of criminal charges if the scandal becomes public.

They opt to retire. Haynes attempts to expose Templeton but the managing editors ignore the fabrications and demote anyone critical of their star reporter.

Carcetti pressures Daniels to falsify crime statistics to aid his campaign. Daniels refuses and then quietly resigns rather than have his FBI file leaked.

In a final montage, McNulty gazes over the city; Freamon enjoys retirement; Templeton wins a Pulitzer; Carcetti becomes Governor; Haynes is sidelined to the copy desk and replaced by Fletcher; Campbell appoints Valchek as commissioner; Carcetti appoints Rawls as Superintendent of the Maryland State Police ; Dukie continues to use heroin; Michael becomes a stickup boy; Pearlman becomes a judge and Daniels a defense attorney; Bubbles is allowed upstairs where he enjoys a family dinner; Chris serves his life sentence alongside Wee-Bey ; the drug trade continues; and the people of Baltimore go on with their lives.

During the fifth season, HBO produced three shorts depicting moments in the history of characters in The Wire. The three prequels depict the first meeting between McNulty and Bunk; Proposition Joe as a slick business kid; and young Omar.

All seasons of The Wire have received positive reviews from many major television critics, several naming it the best contemporary show and one of the best drama series of all time.

The first season received mainly positive reviews from critics, [68] [69] some even calling it superior to HBO's better-known " flagship " drama series such as The Sopranos and Six Feet Under.

Despite the critical acclaim, The Wire received poor Nielsen ratings , which Simon attributed to the complexity of the plot; a poor time slot; heavy use of esoteric slang, particularly among the gangster characters; and a predominantly black cast.

After the first two shows of season two, Jim Shelley in The Guardian , called The Wire the best show on TV, praising the second season for its ability to detach from its former foundations in the first season.

The critical response to the third season remained positive. Entertainment Weekly named The Wire the best show of , describing it as "the smartest, deepest and most resonant drama on TV.

It also worried that the loss of the show would have a negative impact on Baltimore 's economy. At the close of the third season, The Wire was still struggling to maintain its ratings and the show faced possible cancellation.

As the fourth season was about to begin, almost two years after the previous season's end, Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote that The Wire "has tackled the drug war in this country as it simultaneously explores race, poverty and 'the death of the American working class,' the failure of political systems to help the people they serve, and the tyranny of lost hope.

Few series in the history of television have explored the plight of inner-city African Americans and none—not one—has done it as well.

Williams's acting as Omar Little. In September , The Guardian, which ranked the show 2 on its list of the best TV shows of the 21st century, described it as "polemical, panoramic, funny, tragic or all of those things at once", saying it was "beautifully written and performed" and was both "TV as high art and TV wrenched from the soul" and "an exemplar of a certain brand of intelligent, ambitious and uncompromising television".

Critics have often described the show in literary terms: the New York Times calls it "literary television;" TV Guide calls it "TV as great modern literature;" the San Francisco Chronicle says the series "must be considered alongside the best literature and filmmaking in the modern era;" and the Chicago Tribune says the show delivers "rewards not unlike those won by readers who conquer Joyce , Faulkner or Henry James.

Robert Kirkman , creator of The Walking Dead , is a strong follower of The Wire ; he has tried to cast as many actors from it into the television series of the same name as possible, so far having cast Chad Coleman , Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

Most of the awards the series won were for season 4 and season 5. Despite the above mentioned awards and unanimous critical approval, The Wire never won a single Primetime Emmy Award nor received any major nominations, except for two writing nominations in and In the years following the end of the series' run, several colleges and universities such as Johns Hopkins , Brown University , and Harvard College have offered classes on The Wire in disciplines ranging from law to sociology to film studies.

Phillips Academy , a boarding high school in Massachusetts, offers a similar course as well. In an article published in The Washington Post , Anmol Chaddha and William Julius Wilson explain why Harvard chose The Wire as curriculum material for their course on urban inequality: "Though scholars know that deindustrialization, crime and prison, and the education system are deeply intertwined, they must often give focused attention to just one subject in relative isolation, at the expense of others.

With the freedom of artistic expression, The Wire can be more creative. It can weave together the range of forces that shape the lives of the urban poor.

The Wire has also been the subject of growing numbers of academic articles by, amongst others, Fredric Jameson who praised the series' ability to weave utopian thinking into its realist representation of society ; [] and Leigh Claire La Berge, who argues that although the less realistic character of season five was received negatively by critics, it gives the series a platform not only for representing reality, but for representing how realism is itself a construct of social forces like the media; [] both commentators see in The Wire an impulse for progressive political change rare in mass media productions.

While most academics have used The Wire as a cultural object or case study, Benjamin Leclair-Paquet has instead argued that the "creative methods behind HBO's The Wire evoke original ways to experiment with speculative work that reveal the merit of the imaginary as a pragmatic research device.

HBO aired the five seasons of the show in , , , , and New episodes were shown once a week, occasionally skipping one or two weeks in favor of other programming.

Starting with the fourth season, subscribers to the HBO On Demand service were able to see each episode of the season six days earlier. BET adds commercial breaks, blurs some nudity, and mutes some profanity.

Much of the waterfront storyline from the second season is edited out from the BET broadcasts. The series was remastered in high-definition in late As the series was shot with a safe area , the remastered series is an open matte of the original framing.

Every season was released on DVD, and were favorably received, though some critics have faulted them for a lack of special features.

The remastered version is on iTunes , and was released as a complete series Blu-ray box set on June 2, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Thuliso Dingwall. For other uses, see Wire disambiguation. American TV series. Crime drama Serial drama Tragedy [1] [2] [3].

Williams Michael K. Einige schafften es hierbei sogar zu einer Hauptrolle, wie u. Williams in einer Bar entdeckt wurde, nachdem sie eine mehrjährige Haftstrafe wegen Mordes abgesessen hat.

Dominic West wurde am Oktober als eines von sieben Kindern in Sheffield, England, geboren und absolvierte im Alter von neun bereits die ersten Theaterauftritte.

Der am 8. Dezember in New Orleans geborene Schauspieler ist bereits seit mehr als 20 Jahren in den unterschiedlichsten Fernsehrollen zu sehen, hat sich hierbei aber meist auf kleine Nebenrollen beschränkt.

Insbesondere zu seiner Anfangszeit als Darsteller wurde er zunehmend für Comedy-Serien gecastet. Nach "The Wire" war er unter anderem vier Episoden lang in "Numb3rs" zu sehen.

Es kommt nicht oft vor, dass ein Mensch durch seine pure Ausstrahlung alle Blicke auf sich zieht und alle um ihn herum in den Schatten stellt.

Der Schauspieler und, wie viele nicht wissen, Musiker Lance Reddick besitzt eine solche Ausstrahlung und schafft es immer wieder sein besonderes Charisma auch auf seine Charaktere zu übertragen Sie nahm den Mädchennamen ihrer Mutter an, nachdem ihr Vater nicht damit einverstanden war, dass sie Schauspielerin wurde.

Geboren am 9. State Sen. Episoden : 7 - 10 - Savino Bratton Chris Clanton Episoden : 9 - 10 - Major Valchek Alan Brown Episode : 3.

Chew Episoden : 9 - State's Atty. Edward Norris Edward T. Norris Episoden : 6 - 10 - 11 - Eton Ben-Eleazer.

Vernon "Ott" Motley. La La. Louis Sobotka. Kristos Koutris. Andy Krawczyk. Tosha Mitchell. Gary DiPasquale. Lloyd "Truck" Garrick.

Michael Crutchfield. Anthony Colicchio. Odell Watkins. Kenneth Dozerman. Jen Carcetti. The Deacon. Sergeant Jay Landsman 2 Fans.

Marvel's The Punisher. Aidan Gillen. Thomas Carcetti Fans. Sing Street. Gbenga Akinnagbe. Chris Partlow 2 Fans.

The Deuce. Felicia Pearson. Felicia 'Snoop' Pearson 2 Fans. Tom McCarthy. Scott Templeton 28 Fans. Sam Coppola. Eine verhängnisvolle Affäre.

Isiah Whitlock Jr. Senator R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis 4 Fans. GoodFellas - Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia. Robert F. Joseph 'Proposition Joe' Stewart 2 Fans.

Chad L. Dennis 'Cutty' Wise 18 Fans. The Green Hornet. Januar englisch. August , abgerufen am Nicht mehr online verfügbar. Baltimore City Paper , August , archiviert vom Original am Juli ; abgerufen am Info: Der Archivlink wurde automatisch eingesetzt und noch nicht geprüft.

Nonesuch Records , November , abgerufen am Time Magazine , 5. März , abgerufen am April , abgerufen am Kleine Umfrage bei den Sendern - mit überraschendem Ergebnis.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung , Mai , abgerufen am 7. Dezember Abgerufen am 2. In: Indiewire. Archiviert vom Original am The Verge , 2.

Dezember , abgerufen am 3. Juni englisch. Tales from the Trail, Mai , archiviert vom Original am 2. November ; abgerufen am 6. The Atlantic Wire, Juni , abgerufen am 6.

Los Angeles Times , Februar , abgerufen am LA Times. Der Spiegel , , abgerufen am März Rotten Tomatoes.

August , S. Kansas City Star. Archiviert vom Original am 5. Boston Phoenix. Oktober Mai August Entertainment Weekly. Spiegel Online , Oktober , abgerufen am

Ein Blick in den Kampf von Justiz und Polizei gegen Kriminalität in Baltimore: Diverse neu gegründete Spezialeinheiten stellen sich gegen die Kriminellen der Stadt - mit geringen finanziellen Mitteln und sparsamer Besetzung. Politische. The Wire ist eine US-amerikanische Krimi-Drama-Fernsehserie, die von 20in Standen Schauspieler der Kamera im Weg, wurde die Kamera bewegt, damit sich die Schauspieler auf die Rolle konzentrieren konnten. Der Film-. The Wire Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Dominic West, Michael Kenneth Williams, Idris Elba u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von The Wire: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Jason and the Argonauts-Fancast. John Doman. Huey Farrell. Trivia: Brother of actress Fionnuala Murphy. Episodes rarely end with a cliffhangerand close with a fade or cut to black with the closing music fading in.
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